McLaren Elva X Pato O'Ward - 'Challenge the wind' film -


McLaren Elva X Pato O’Ward – ‘Challenge the wind’ film

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Fresh from claiming a third-place finish in only his second full year in the NTT INDYCAR SERIES, Arrow McLaren SP race car driver Pato O’Ward has now experienced pure driving exhilaration from behind the wheel of the McLaren Elva – a hypercar that blurs the boundaries between the car and its environment.

Captured using the latest in 3D animation, and computer and motion graphics design, the 59 second film draws parallels between Pato’s own ‘workspace’ – driving his Indy car during the 2021 season – and the visceral connection, engagement, and enjoyment that drivers of the open cockpit McLaren Elva experience.

McLaren Elva X Pato O'Ward - 'Challenge the wind' film via #McLaren #McLarenElva #XPatoO'Ward

Sadly, given the Elva’s limited production run of just 149 examples globally, customers have already filled the order book for examples slated for the North American market, with no more allocation available in the US or Canada.

Those lucky enough to have secured one will experience something very special.

Every time I race, I challenge the wind. I cut it. I slice it. I bend it. This is my vantage point from the cockpit of my race car.

“The Elva is the first McLaren road car where you can experience this too. It’s my world come to life – embodied in a supercar,” Pato O’Ward, Arrow McLaren SP IndyCar driver.

The full film can be viewed here:

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