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Progressive & Luxurious: The Interior of The New EQS SUV

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The new EQS SUV will be the third model on Mercedes-Benz’s dedicated electric vehicle architecture and is set to redefine an entire segment. Its interior combines the progressive design, luxury and comfort that customers love about the EQS with the space and versatility of the popular large-SUV concept. The look- and-feel is a sumptuous fusion of digital luxury and innovative new trim elements, while the purpose design of the electric-vehicle architecture delivers exceptionally generous SUV interior dimensions. Paired with the optional third-row seating and electrically adjustable second row, this offers a level of flexibility to fit the full breadth of customer needs with luxury and style.

The interior design pursues a consistent vision of digitalization, expressed most impressively by the optional MBUX Hyperscreen, first launched in the EQS sedan. This 56-inch curved screen sweeps nearly the entire width of the vehicle cabin. The MBUX Hyperscreen includes the instrument cluster, infotainment and passenger display in a seamless design. This blends perfectly with the extreme proportions of the band above it incorporating the distinctive air-conditioning vents, and the seemingly free-floating center console below.

The 12.3-inch OLED display provides the front passenger with their own display and control area, making journeys more enjoyable and entertaining. Within the framework of the country-specific legal regulations, passenger are able to watch content such as video-streaming or TV when the vehicle is in motion. This is because Mercedes-EQ uses an intelligent, camera-based blocking logic: if the camera detects the driver looking at the front passenger display, the display will automatically dim dynamic content.

A blend of innovative and traditional materials and colors give the interior of the EQS SUV an exceptionally progressive, lounge-like ambience. Seven carefully balanced color combinations enhance the generous feeling of space, while fine leather and genuine wood create a warm tactile experience. One particular highlight is the innovative hybrid trim made from magnolia wood and stainless steel. Tiny holes shaped like Mercedes-Benz stars are laser-cut into the wood, with the steel sheet pressed into them from behind to produce a beautiful and modern inlay effect. The level of precision and high-end finish marks a first for this sector.

The versatility of the interior underscores its SUV credentials: The interior of the EQS SUV accommodates the multi-faceted lifestyles of families, hobbyists and adventurers alike. Highlights include rear-seat entertainment, a wealth of storage space and, of course, two individual third-row seats. In fact, the height of the third-row seats means the seating position is even more comfortable than in the GLE. Depending on whether it is the five- or seven-seat version, the luggage compartment of the EQS SUV offers room for up to four golf bags.

The Dolby Atmos sound system takes the audio experience in the EQS SUV to a new level. Individual instruments or voices from the studio mix can be placed around the listening area. This results in an unprecedented level of transparency.

The interior ambience is further enhanced by the clean air provided by ENERGIZING AIR CONTROL Plus, which eliminates fine particulates, pollen and other contaminants. Its HEPA filter (High Efficiency Particulate Air) uses active carbon to achieve an exceptionally high level of filtration. And for those wanting to add something special to the super-clean air inside the EQS SUV, Mercedes- Benz has developed a new scent especially for its all-electric luxury seven-seater. Called No.6 MOOD mimosa, it has an earthy fragrance tinged with subtly sensual hints.

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