The Small 2019 Toyota Yaris 4-Door XLE Delivers Big Value -


The Small 2019 Toyota Yaris 4-Door XLE Delivers Big Value

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When you first see the 2019 Toyota Yaris 4-Door XLE, it is hard not to think it is a Mazda, after all everything is heavily based on the successful Mazda3 platform sold in the US. However, name changes apart; this is arguably a great vehicle. Sure, it has Mazda’s upscale cabin, engine, and the robust chassis but it does bear the Toyota badge. 

The XLE we tested is Toyota’s top of the line Yaris and comes with leatherette upholstery, climate control, automated LED headlights, rain sensing windscreen wipers, and a sports mode. Costing a touch under $20K it is still a bargain. 

Fish Inspired Styling

The slightly awkward looking fish face of the Yaris certainly looks like something similar to the Mazda3. Though it is a beautiful vehicle when compared to others in this subcompact segment. Plus the XLE is also the sportiest in this family of cars with a rear spoiler, LED daytime lights, and large 16-inch wheels.  

Hop into the 2019 Yaris XLE and here too it punches well above its weight class, again thanks in part to it being made possible by Mazda. 

Interior design

Inside it is easy to forget it is a vehicle that costs under $20K. The dashboard bears a similar design aesthetic of clean lines interesting through the 7.0-inch infotainment system which appears to be stuck inside of the dashboard. 

Speaking of adopting what Mazda has done, the Yaris benefits from the same ergonomic controls neatly placed on the transmission tunnel behind the shifter. Reaching the buttons is easy, and they are all pretty self-explanatory. The dashboard overall is a lot less cluttered compared to other vehicles in its class. We also particularly like the large climate control dials which too are very easy to understand and control. 

What we don’t like about the interior is the fact that these seats aren’t comfortable. Toyota uses bucket seats in the front which are hard, and don’t support the back which made it difficult to find a comfortable seating position. The steering feels far and hard to reach slightly. Though there was good enough leg room which is a huge plus. 

We also had a problem sitting in the back. If you are anything above 5feet 10inches, your knees will hit the front seats. Which means it is hard to spend more than 20-minutes back there. 

Driving the Yaris XLE 

The 2019 Yaris 4-door XLE will not help you win any races with its 1.5-liter four-cylinder engine delivering 106 HP. The lightweight vehicle coupled with this rather small engine delivers adequate enough speed, but if you want to top out the engine’s capacity, it takes a while to get there. The good news is that the tiny engine delivers a respectable 32 mpg when driving within the city and 40 mpg on the highway.

Final Word 

Right now, subcompacts like the Toyota Yaris aren’t all that popular, but they do deliver great value for money. A well-rounded driving experience coupled with a handsome cabin, and excellent fuel economy make the 2019 Yaris 4-door XLE worth recommending.

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